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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will get answers of most asked questions. Most probably you will find the answers of questions which is in your mind.

How much time it will take to start the work ?
You can start work just after completing your registration. You can start working within 20 minute. After Registration, activation of the software will take 10-15 minute and you can start the work.

How much time it takes to review my work ?
We review your work within 3 to 4 days. After review your work we will update your balance.

Can i do this work in night time ?
Yes, You can do your work anytime. Your work is available 24 hours.

Is it compulsory to do this work daily ?
No, this is not compulsory to do work daily. If you are busy in your daily life than don't worry, It is real part time so you not need to worry. Take rest and do whenever you feel free.

How to do this work ?
It's very simple, Just type the text or data given in the image. You don't need to correct any word or grammar mistakes, Just type as it is.

Is there any work limit or target ?
No, there is no any type of limit on work. You can work as much you can do.

How much time it take to review (checking) our work ?
Generally we review your work within 2 to 4 days. We request you to please wait for 2-4 days to view your work result. You can check your reports in software.

Is it genuine work ?
Yes, This is 100% real work also we are not charging any membership fees from our members.

How it work's ?
It's simple.
Step 1: You enter any data in given box in software.
Step 2: This data will be sent for verification.
Step 3: After verification according to your work quality we update your balance.

Can i do this work on android ?
Yes, but it difficult to do it in a little screen, we suggest you to at least you do on a tablet with external keyboard and mouse. Most of our members do it on laptop and desktop. You don't need any heavy laptop. It work smoothly on any low configuration computer.

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